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Hunter Bread


Image of Bacco's Hunter Bread

At Bacco's, we have added to our already popular Leaves the flatbread HUNTER BREAD.

Bacco’s premium HUNTER BREAD
is a unique product, ideal for eating with a meal as a bread substitute. It is perfect as a snack, enjoyable with antipasto, cured meats, salami, cheese and a fine glass of wine.

The thin crispy texture and unmistakable freshness of HUNTER BREAD depends on a natural leavening and a choice of high quality ingredients.

Other than the type of flours used in making this flatbread, there are some interesting characteristic compared to our Bacco's Leaves:
Hunter Bread is made with Spelt Flour or Rye Flour and bakers yeast (just a little amount). The dough is fermented over a long period, just like a good Italian bread.
This process allows for some more complex flavours to be developed into the final product, like a sourdough, and makes it more crunchy and crispy and provides good stability and healthy benefits.
Spelt is an ancient grain and has shown that people with intollerance to gluten can easily tollerate and digest products made from it.

Enjoy with friends, family and good food.
Experience the true flavour with HUNTER BREAD.

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Bacco's Hunter Bread
Organic Spelt




Bacco's Hunter Bread
Organic Wheat and Rye




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